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Sons of Rico less stressed



SECURING funding to record their first full-length album has taken “a huge load off the shoulders” of Perth band Sons of Rico.

West Leederville resident Alex MacRae (24) plays guitar with the four-piece group, which he started with friend Adam Weston about five years ago.

“It’s very much a rock band, not offensive, catchy melodies and we try to be as creative as possible with each song,” MacRae said.

The group have already released a debut EP Orange Skies, but a $10,000 Contemporary Music Grant from the State Government will pay for about half of their first long-player.

“It takes a huge load off our shoulders, as some of us are still paying for the EP we did a few years ago,” he said.

“Putting your own money into things is something you want to avoid as a band.”

The group are set to record the album later this year with award-winning producer David Parkin and plans to release it early 2010.

With two band members also part of the popular Birds of Tokyo group, MacRae serves as the main songwriter and keeps Sons of Rico ticking over by emailing rough cuts of songs so others can “learn their parts” as they tour.

“We just work around their schedule, so playing sometimes isn’t possible,” he said.

“We’re not really like traditional bands where it all happens in the jam room, more a 21st century band.”

Usually playing at venues like the Rocket Room and the Rosemount Hotel, MacRae said he preferred the idea of holding band gigs less frequently.

“We don’t play willy-nilly across Perth, it’s a better idea to get a lot of people to a show each month,” he said.

The group will next perform at the Rocket Room in Northbridge on Friday May 29.

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