Flight fright

MY daughter and her husband attended the AFL Grand Final. more »

The vulnerable sacrificed

THE three responsible Federal ministers for the most disadvantaged in society are intent on further reductions of their incomes and vocational assistance. more »

Ban the burqa

THE continuing articles about the wearing of the burqa or niqab published in the various newspapers around Australia lately have shown what Australians feel about Muslim women wearing them. more »

Look deeper into Islam

REPORTER Rachel Fenner has her knickers in a twist about the burqa and says banning it will steal our freedoms, and from there it is a slippery slope. more »

Balance needed

THE editorial in last week's edition by Rachel Fenner - “Freedoms not protected by destroying them” - was interesting to say the least. more »

Inaccurate portrayal of FIFO lifestyle

AS a former FIFO worker, I find it disappointing to read ongoing bad press about the FIFO lifestyle. more »

No life limit

WRITER Pauline Tunstall (Aged gas bottles, Coastal Times, September 24) should check her facts before writing. more »

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