On wrong track

WHAT a better way to sabotage the public train transport system than by not providing nearly enough parking bays at the stations. more »

Dog mess disgusts

I HONESTLY believe that society in general, and in Mandurah in particular, has gone down the gurgler. more »

Costly mess

FOR weeks after the budget we were getting the message from the Prime Minister and Federal Treasurer that Australia was financially going down the gurgler and people on the pension would eventually be a burden that Australia could not maintain. more »

Quiet and safe

I AM neither a dog poisoner nor a dog owner; I would like to get that established before I go on. more »

Tranquility lost

ARRIVING last month for our 15th annual family holiday on Rottnest Island at Fays Bay, my wife and I were very impressed with the presentation and standard of cleanliness of our cottage. more »

Continue fight

I KNOW that in the world of politics, if one party states one thing, its only natural the other side will go opposite. more »

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