Good Samaritan

LAST Tuesday morning, my neighbour told me three youths had appeared from the walkway next to my home, opened my letterbox and taken a parcel out. more »

Permits free

AFTER recent media coverage, I checked mum’s Disability Parking Permit, which I regularly display when mum is in the car, only to find it had expired some two years ago. more »

Promise fulfilled

MY congratulations to the relevant Federal Government ministers for fulfilling the promised commitment to maintain the carbon price compensation payments to the most disadvantaged and low-income people, even since the carbon price legislation was abo more »


OBSERVING the progress of the road works at the Leslie Street-Mandurah Road junction reminded me of the enormous effort it took to install the bus lay-by and shelter at the Halls Head IGA two years ago. more »

Debate too late

FURTHER to Dr Frank Jones’ call for a debate on funding for aged care, (Coastal Times, August 6), whether we like it or not, State and federal budgets are nose-diving into the red at an alarming rate. more »

Food source

NOT that the average motorist needs to be told, but the geniuses have now informed us that the kangaroo causes most accidents involving wildlife. more »

Charter jet hypocrisy

RECENTLY when justifying the Federal Government’s budget, Treasurer Joe Hockey used the terms the Age of Entitlement was over “and every one has to do the heavy lifting to share the pain when fixing the economy.” more »

Thanks, drivers

ON Thursday, July 31 about 8am, my disabled grandson became very ill and stopped breathing. more »

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