Gap is widening

THE Commission of Audit, consisting of highly-paid corporate business people and highly-paid conservatives, was to recommend to the Federal Government on how to reduce spending and the budget deficit. Wow, what could we expect? more »

Sight to see

WITH regard to the letter headlined Off leashes, in the April 30 edition, I dispute some but not all of the comments about unleashed dogs. more »

Respect in the park

IN response to the report in last week’s edition headlined “Skaters given bad rap”, I pass the eastern foreshore skate park every day and it is in use. more »

Welfare suffers as war chest grows

THE welfare money has been used for warfare again and there's no money for roads, hospitals and schools. more »

Where is the justice?

WITH the punishment handed to the perpetrators in the Tauri Litchfield case, our so-called justice system has again shown it is incapable of providing the victim’s family or the wider community with a fair and just ruling. more »

Off leashes

IN response to the recent writer who said dogs should be on leashes on all beaches, well in the United States they have set aside “dog parks”, all fenced in and divided in half for big dogs and smaller dogs. more »

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